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WebArt develops, implements, and manages digital marketing programs for overwhelmed marketing departments.

Our expertise, transparency, and skill at challenging conventional wisdom lead to clearly defined strategies, stress-free relationships, and exceeded expectations.

Beautiful websites don’t sell. Web traffic doesn’t matter. Content isn’t king. Clarity of purpose, cutting through the noise, and meeting your definition of success is how we measure results.

FULLY Responsive designs on every device

According to Adobe, tablets account for 8% of global web traffic.

Mobile traffic comes from many different types of devices - from tablets and eReaders, to mobile phones and phablets - large-scale mobile phones. Responsive web design is proportion-based, so the component and modules are percentages of the design, rather than a fixed size. Also called responsive design or RWD, it creates a consistent user experience across many devices with almost no need for scrolling, panning or resizing.

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No matter your business size or industry, we can develop a customized digital marketing solution for you.

Start building your digital marketing strategy today


To devise digital solutions that work for your business, we’ll study your marketing funnel and your audience's buying cycle. Then, we’ll pair that deep understanding with our expertise to develop a website and digital marketing program that will exceed your expectations.


SEO success stems from understanding the goals of your audience and thinking like the search engines.
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PPC Advertising

Crafting a successful pay-per-click strategy starts by identifying your marketing funnel.
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Content Marketing

Content marketing works best when it’s tailored to your audience’s buying cycle.
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Social Media Marketing

Effective social strategy lies where your business crosses into the personal lives of your audience.
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Local Listings SEO

Capitalize on the high rankings of local directories to improve your SEO.
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And More

A lean digital strategy will eliminate muddy metrics.
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Email Marketing

Targets email lists, automated workflows and marketing funnel identification will generate a better ROI on your email marketing.
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Website Design

Your website design should reflect what your users want to see.
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From Our Blog

Analysis, insights and tips from our digital marketing thought leaders.

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2018 Facebook Changes and Your Business
Jan 26
Facebook is changing again. On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be making some major changes that will have a big impact on your business’s page.
Brad Timofeev Speaks at 2nd Annual Civic Hackathon
Sep 22
Got a thing for digital marketing? And by “thing” I mean “does the health of your business depend at least somewhat on your online success?” If so - and if…
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