Our Digital Marketing Approach

Your online marketing needs are unique. That's why we build comprehensive digital marketing programs customized for your business.


Review Your Brand

The Discovery Process

Your new website begins with an in-depth conversation. Actually, several. We’ll work to understand your business, its operations and your customers. Then, we’ll discuss the current state of your brand and how your new site will strengthen it. We’ll talk about form and function, look and feel, and short and long-term goals. Once we know what those goals are, how your business functions and who your audience is, we'll work up a detailed solution which includes a quote for all of our services.


Rethink Your Strategy

Program Definition

In addition to our discovery conversations, we'll complete what we call a Program Definition. It's designed to focus our entire team's attention on the goals of your business and website, the strategies that act as a roadmap to your goals, and tactics, which are the specific activities we'll perform to achieve the goals. It's "upfront work" that really pays off in the end and guides your website and digital marketing program in the right direction.


Refine Your Website

Solutions for Long-term Success

Our digital marketing programs are long-term solutions that become more and more fruitful as years pass. We'll work with you to see that your goals are fulfilled through the strategies and tactics we establish for your business. And we’ll revise those strategies and tactics over time to maintain positive growth.

Truth over harmony – that's our philosophy. We have many years of experience and knowledge that we want to share with you. We'll always give you an honest answer, no matter how inconvenient it may be to hear, in order to deliver the best possible results. That's what good consultants do.

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