Welcome to your email marketing program!

We’re excited to help you communicate with your clients in new and exciting ways. This unique program was designed especially for AHAA Associates to provide their patients with educational information, special offers and practice news. We’ve pre-written a variety of email options that you will be choosing from in our meeting.

We’ll be having our second planning meeting soon to choose your desired email campaigns and determine which layouts you like the best.

Please take this opportunity to review the layouts and copy in advance of our next meeting. Just click the links below each holiday and additional options to view the PDF.

If you have any questions or trouble navigating the content on this page, please call or email Cindy Ursell at 419-724-7334.

Holiday Email Options

New Year Email Campaigns

Presidents' Day Email Campaigns

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Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

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Better Hearing Month Email Campaigns

4th of July Email Campaigns

Veterans' Day Email Campaigns

Holiday Email Campaigns

Other Email Options

Birthday Email Campaigns

Loyalty Email Campaigns

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Offer Email Campaigns

Response Email Campaigns

Newsletter Email Campaigns

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