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How To Make Your Website Work Better For You

You are the proud owner of a new website – Congratulations!

If that wasn’t a large enough task in itself, now the real work begins as you learn how to make the site as valuable as possible, ensuring you get the most value out of your investment.


Check Out The Competition To Get a Leg Up on Them

Being an industry leader is a goal many companies hope to achieve.

While most companies prefer to be thought of as a leader rather than a follower, it doesn’t hurt to do a little of both. By paying attention to your competition, you put yourself in an advantageous position. You’re better able to follow industry trends, see what works and what doesn’t, and simply be more in tune with how their marketing makes consumers feel.


Why Staying On Brand Is Important

“You do you.”

These three little meme-worthy words reveal a lot about why it’s important to communicate your brand in your logo, emails, website, advertising, signage, images, and all other marketing collateral.

To connect with customers and make them feel like you’re the brand for them – whether you sell furniture, healthcare services, automotive hoses or oil changes – your brand has to be a reflection of you. It’s impossible to maintain a brand identity over months, years or decades if it’s not authentic and from the heart.


Why businesses should look beyond Facebook

When clients ask us to create social media accounts for their business, something we often hear is “We want a Facebook page.”

While Facebook may be the largest social media platform in the world (it has more than 1.3 billion users), that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to reach your audience. There are multiple platforms out there, so be sure to focus your efforts on the platform that will help you reach your ideal audience.

Questions to ask before choosing which platforms to post on


Creating Effective Google Ads

Character count and word choice are normally the top two concerns people have when they first start writing ads for Google. However, to create an ad that is truly effective on the world’s largest search engine, there’s much more to focus on than these two surface items.

Create a Landing Page

Before you even begin writing your ad, create an effective landing page that will help you measure conversions. Whether it’s filling out a form, making a phone call, or subscribing to a newsletter, there should be a definite call to action for visitors to complete.

This information not only allows you to measure the number of people who came to the site through your ad, but the impact the information had on your audience.


How To Fix An Incorrect Map Marker On Google

One of the most important Local SEO strategies is having your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information accurate in Google Maps. Why is this? So your customers can find you.

Have you ever tried to find a business and you’re guided to the wrong location when using Google Maps or another GPS service? It can be infuriating to the point where you might take your business elsewhere.


Benefits of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency

Many business owners struggle to decide if they should work with a digital marketing agency to handle their online marketing or add-on to their in-house team.

There are benefits to both sides and the final decision often hinges on your goals and business position. However, if you’re planning to hire just one person to handle all of your marketing instead of paying for an agency, here are a few items to consider.

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What is PageSpeed Insights?

PageSpeed Insights, or PSI, is a tool by Google that helps determine whether a page is “fast” or not. What Google determines to be fast can vary greatly and is dependent on factors such as load time, image types, content delivery, and device.

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Optimizing Your Website For Voice Search in 2019

Since Apple introduced Siri in 2011, it has become increasingly apparent that voice search is becoming a more common way to search for information. That means your business’s website needs to be optimized for visibility, or in this case, “voiceability.”


How To Get More People to Open Your Emails

You put a lot of thought into each sentence with the hopes of inspiring all who read your email to call you or visit your website.

So why isn’t anyone calling or clicking?