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Brad Timofeev Speaks at 2nd Annual Civic Hackathon

Got a thing for digital marketing? And by “thing” I mean “does the health of your business depend at least somewhat on your online success?”

If so - and if you’re anywhere near Roanoke, Virginia on September 23rd - check out our own Brad Timofeev, live in action.

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Is Your Digital Fire Still Burning?

“Keep that fire in your belly.”

I got that advice from one of my mentors at a very young age. And, every day, I carry that advice with me. The message behind it is to never let yourself get comfortable.

Human nature keeps us striving to find a level of comfort with everything we do. And most of us find it eventually. But, when we reach that level, the comfort is short-lived.


Using the Buying Cycle to Refine Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Most of us go through the buying cycle many times each day, from deciding to buy a candy bar while in line at the grocery store to choosing which vehicle to buy and from whom. Some buying cycles occur in seconds; others take years to get through.

The same is true for the various forms of digital marketing. Each channel or strategy plays a different role, depending on your audience and your business type.


Adding digital to your marketing funnel

A few weeks ago I was asked to give a training session to the staff of one of our marketing partners.

The goal of the session was to get that team up to speed on digital marketing and why it’s important to their clients.

But I knew that, in order for them to understand digital’s role, they’d first need to understand how it fits into the marketing funnel.

The digital marketing funnel has four levels: High Funnel, Mid-High Funnel, Mid-Low Funnel and Low Funnel. Each level requires a different advertising message and a different measurement of success.


Beware Of This Web Design Trend

Fashion. Architecture. Cars. Design is constantly evolving. Web design is no different.

Full-screen designs have been trending for a few years now. I don't mean responsive or adaptive designs that automatically re-size to the screen on which they’re being viewed. I'm referring to designs that take up all the real estate on the screen, have animation flying in from all directions, and require endless scrolling.

Those web designs are interactive and fun, which is why business owners and marketing departments desire them. And that design trend works great for restaurants and entertainment-related websites, but they’re not right for every business. Here’s why.


Is Your Website Like a Stereotypical Salesperson?

At WebArt, we have bi-weekly account management training sessions. A recurring topic in those meetings is the stereotypical salesperson.

Here’s how I - and many others - would describe that type of person.

  • Pushy
  • Insincere
  • Short-sighted: Will sacrifice a long-term relationship to get any sale now
  • Selfish: Only concerned with his own needs, not if his product is actually right for me

After many conversations on that topic, I began to realize that a website is like a salesperson.


Businesses Spend Too Much Time on Social Media

I’ve spoken at several events and sat on many panels concerning social media.

After each presentation, we open it up to the audience for questions. And this is the one I hear most often: “What’s the biggest mistake businesses make with social media?”

My answer always shocks the crowd: businesses spend too much time on social media.

After an uncomfortable laugh, everyone gets really quiet as I start to explain.


Is Content Marketing King for Local Businesses?

Conventional wisdom of the digital marketing industry tells us that content is king. But is content really king for local businesses?

New trends are forged by bucking conventional wisdom, and while I support the notion that great content is a crucial component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for some businesses in some industries, content isn’t king for every business.

This may be a relief to you. And it probably makes some of my digital marketing peers cringe. But stick with me; there’s a method to my madness.


WebArt Director Interviewed by Tire Review Magazine

When Senior Contributing Editor Denise Koeth was working on the Marketing Matters piece for Tire Review Magazine’s February 2016 issue, she tapped WebArt Director of Website Marketing, Brad Timofeev for digital marketing insight.

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WebArt Partnership Launches New Website for Reid’s Fine Furnishings

WebArt, in partnership with B2C Enterprises, recently launched a new, responsive website for Reid's Fine Furnishings.

The new website features an updated look, expanded menus, and social network sharing options. It also offers an inspiration gallery for decorating ideas, online appointment scheduling, interior designs tips, and more.

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