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WebArt Staffer Now Google-Certified

Brad Timofeev, WebArt's Technical Marketing Coordinator, has been certified by Google as an Analytics Qualified Individual. This means that Google officially recognizes Brad as proficient in the use of their Google Analytics.

Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic. It’s used to track visitors from all referring sources, including search engines, email marketing, display advertising, pay-per-click advertisements, and digital collateral, such as links within PDF documents.

Google's website notes that “Analytics is a very powerful tool in the hands of knowledgeable users. Qualified users can be effective at leveraging Google Analytics within their organizations and at helping others to do the same.”

"We already knew that Brad is great at helping our clients' websites to be more effective," said Jerry Brown, President of BusinessVoice, WebArt's parent company. "This recogniton from Google is further proof."

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WebArt Wins Award for Website Excellence

We're very happy to announce that WebArt has won a 2011 Gold MarCom Award for excellence in website design and marketing.

We received the honor for our very successful work on the Mountain View Tire website.

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Will You Help Save the Next Girl?

We love helping people grow their companies, but every now and then we get the chance to work on a project that just plain helps people.

We were proud to be part of the team that created HelpSaveTheNextGirl.com. That's a website born of a mother’s and father’s anguish over their murdered child.

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Brad Timofeev Named Director of Website Marketing

Brad Timofeev has been promoted to the position of Director of Website Marketing for WebArt and BusinessVoice. (WebArt is BusinessVoice's in-house website design and marketing agency.)

Brad joined the WebArt staff in 2009 as an SEO Coordinator and Video Engineer. More recently he has worked closely with WebArt clients and staff to define and manage website marketing strategies and lead our efforts in web analytics.

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WebArt Personnel Get Google Certified

WebArt and its parent company Madison Avenue Marketing Group are proud to announce the recent Google certification of four of our employees:

  • Brad Timofeev - Director of Website Marketing
  • Clara Engel - Program Manager
  • Brett Molnar - Program Manager
  • Charles Hobbs - Front End Developer

"It's important for us to stay educated about all the changes in search, and Google's algorithm is the standard everyone tries to meet," said Brad Timofeev. "Having our Program Managers and Developers certified in Google Analytics enables us to provide a more advanced level of service to our clients from the build to the ongoing website marketing program."

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33 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Social Media Activity

Our Director of Website Marketing Brad Timofeev gave a presentation at Noke Codes to help non-profit organizations get the most out of their social media. If you weren't lucky enough to be in Roanoke to hear him speak, you can still get the tips he gave on how to get more out of your social media activity.

Want Brad to speak at your event? Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 419/724-7360.




Is Display Advertising Worth the Investment?

Display advertising is similar to broadcast advertising in that your message is displayed to an audience visually, primarily with the goal of creating top-of-mind awareness.

As with other broadcast advertising, you probably won't see immediate results from the display ad(s), but you will be able to track engagement via click-throughs, which isn't an option with traditional broadcast media.


A Huge Opportunity to Boost Your Mobile Traffic

Google’s new ranking algorithm will take mobile compatibility into account. So, if your website isn’t compatible for viewing on mobile platforms by April 21, 2015, it may not rank as high in search results on mobile devices.


What Goes into a Great Banking Website

Think about your bank or credit union's website. What's most important to you, as a consumer?

When we sat down with VacationLand Federal Credit Union to discuss their new website, that was the question that drove our discussion.

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The Cost (and Value) of Your Website

Will you be exploring changes to your website this year?

Depending on your goals and the functionality you'd like to include, the right solution could have a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars. In order to justify that expense, you'll want to optimize the site's visibility and effectiveness. That requires keeping the site updated with relevant content. 

That might seem like a daunting challenge - maybe even a cost-prohibitive one, at first - but an effective website can pay huge dividends.