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Business Don’t: Hiring a Reputation Management Company

Would you hire someone else to go on a date for you? No. And that's why you shouldn't hire a reputation management company. The best relationships develop naturally over time, and so does a great business reputation.

Reputation management starts at the store level. First and foremost, you have to provide a great service or deliver a great product. No amount of reputation management (aka damage control) can save your business from a bad product or terrible service.


Is Display Advertising Worth the Investment?

Display advertising is similar to broadcast advertising in that your message is displayed to an audience visually, primarily with the goal of creating top-of-mind awareness.

As with other broadcast advertising, you probably won't see immediate results from the display ad(s), but you will be able to track engagement via click-throughs, which isn't an option with traditional broadcast media.


A Huge Opportunity to Boost Your Mobile Traffic

Google’s new ranking algorithm will take mobile compatibility into account. So, if your website isn’t compatible for viewing on mobile platforms by April 21, 2015, it may not rank as high in search results on mobile devices.


What Goes into a Great Banking Website

Think about your bank or credit union's website. What's most important to you, as a consumer?

When we sat down with VacationLand Federal Credit Union to discuss their new website, that was the question that drove our discussion.

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The Cost (and Value) of Your Website

Will you be exploring changes to your website this year?

Depending on your goals and the functionality you'd like to include, the right solution could have a price tag of tens of thousands of dollars. In order to justify that expense, you'll want to optimize the site's visibility and effectiveness. That requires keeping the site updated with relevant content. 

That might seem like a daunting challenge - maybe even a cost-prohibitive one, at first - but an effective website can pay huge dividends.


WebArt Remains On The Nice List

In 2014, WebArt remained on Santa's nice list. Below is a letter from McJingles, our assigned Elf on a shelf.


Marketing Meets Music

As a website design and development agency, we typically work with businesses and organizations that want to improve their user experience and increase their online visibility.

Musician Jaime Mills was looking for a company to help him develop his brand and create an online destination for his music and videos. He approached more than a few agencies that opted not to work with him because he wasn't a business or organization. Happily, it's their loss.

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Share a Coke Social Media Magic

How did Coca-Cola create one of the best online marketing campaigns of all time? They started offline with inherently shareable content.


Five Ways to Market Online Without a Website

Our core philosophy is that a website is the heart of a business' marketing strategy. All content should emanate from it, and all touch points, including print and broadcast marketing, should direct back to it.

But if you don't have a website, you can still market to an online audience.


Google's Pigeon Update May Affect Your Local Search Listings

Google's recent algorithm update, unofficially called Pigeon, affects map listings within the search engine. Map listings have been removed for certain search terms.