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WebArt's "Mouth Harp" Snags Addy Award

Ever since he first boing-boing-boinged his way into our hearts last summer, the Tengagan Mouth Harp Man has sorta' become WebArt's unofficial mascot. (Our official mascot, of course, is Ava, the very attractive red pepper pictured at left, who, if office gossip is to be believed, is kinda' into me.)

Thursday night, Mouth Harp Man took another step toward earning his own parking spot and 36 square inches of prime shelf space in the staff refrigerator when he won a Silver Addy Award for us at the 2011 Addy Awards ceremony. That's an annual shindig thrown by the Ad Club of Toledo.

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Winning with More Tools

Successful online marketing often requires more than a great website. With today’s over-crowded Internet, it also takes tools such as social media and online video to stand out and encourage an audience to visit your site.

And whadya’ know? WebArt and our parent company BusinessVoice have been recognized by the MarCom Awards for our work in social media and online video.

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