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6 Tips for Creating a Great Web User Experience

The key to making your website work for you is to make it work for your visitors. To create a great online user experience, you have to focus on the details and anticipate your visitors' needs.


1. Create Added Value
Consider what Amazon does in the checkout process. The Frequently Bought Together feature not only bundles relevant items for the consumer, it also leads to higher sales.

2. Remember Important Details
At MountainViewTire.com, the tire selector remembers visitors' previously selected vehicle options so the customer doesn't have to re-enter this information during a future visit. Other sites, such as web-based email clients and online retailers, remember the email sign-in address, so all the user has to do is enter his or her password to log in.

3. Drive Home a Bargain
Gap.com is having a dress sale. The company highlights the new price without hiding the old price, drawing attention to the savings and increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

4. Recommend Similar Content
YouTube recommends similar videos to watch after your initial viewing experience. How much more engaged would your users be, and how much longer would they stay on your website, if you recommended blog posts on similar topics at the end of each article?

5. Automate Data Input
If your customer provides his zip code when creating his shipping profile, set your form up to automatically fill in the city and state. Take it one step further and automatically select the least expensive or most convenient shipping option. Get a gold star by giving your user an option to get their purchase faster by selecting a different option. Amazon.com includes a great call-to-action to get customers to sign up for their Prime membership and get FREE two-day shipping. they also highlight the savings advantage.

6. Provide a 360 Experience
Are you selling products? Show your customer what they look like from every angle. A 360° product view gives the user more confidence that the product she's buying will work for her, which translates to fewer returns and less negative customer feedback.

Zappos accomplishes the 360° experience through the use of multiple photos. The company even displays the product against a silhouette to further enhance the user experience.

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