Behind the Curtain: The Thought Process of One Website's Design

In late July 2014, WebArt launched the new The website is the online home of the Madison Avenue Marketing Group's On Hold Marketing agency.

We talked with Scott Greggory, the group's Vice President of Creative Services, for a little insight into what makes the site unique.


"We wanted this new website to have a different feel than the previous BusinessVoice site," said Greggory. "It's more open, but still gives visitors easy access to detailed information. It's more contemporary, but also features fun retro elements in the many videos. And it's less reliant on a formal structure. The white background defines the simple, clean look and really helps the floating images pop."

"The homepage animator allows us to draw focused attention to our brand promises, client benefits and other important content we want to highlight graphically."

"The interior images are stock photos," said Greggory, "but we customized each one by isolating the foreground subject and adding shadow behind it. Then, we added an overlay of the brand's color to the background elements. The result is a unique look that brings a nice consistency to the site."

What about that secondary navigation?

"Yes, the green nav balls, as we call them. That was a concept we came up with to allow visitors to access more information if they wanted it, without visually overwhelming them with long columns of copy. The copy below the main image is prioritized, so what you read when you first arrive at the page is what we'd like you to see first. If you want more or different info after that, you can click on the green circles to the right of the copy."

The new includes other nice features: client testimonials placed throughout the site, a two-column blog with uniquely cropped and stylized images, and lots of video.

"The web is a visual medium, but BusinessVoice creates audio content. And since an audio player is not a whole lot of fun to watch, we decided to present our audio in a video format. We created many individual videos to showcase our Humor On Hold, our award-winning productions, and our voice demos. There are a few marketing tip videos scattered throughout the site, too," said Greggory.

"We also used video in another new feature on the site. It's called OHM of the Month. Each month, we'll select our best, most creative On Hold Marketing production and showcase it on the dedicated OHM of the Month page. Each monthly video will be displayed above a short backstory: details on how and why the content was conceived and written, production notes, client feedback, etc. It will give visitors a chance to hear our best creative work and help them envision the possibilities of how they might use On Hold Marketing."

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