Benefits of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency

Many business owners struggle to decide if they should work with a digital marketing agency to handle their online marketing or add-on to their in-house team.

There are benefits to both sides and the final decision often hinges on your goals and business position. However, if you’re planning to hire just one person to handle all of your marketing instead of paying for an agency, here are a few items to consider.

A Team of Experts is Better Than Just One Person

A one-person marketing department can only develop a limited number of ideas and strategies. Even bouncing ideas off another marketing expert can help avoid stale or uncreative ideas.

Most successful digital marketing agencies – including WebArt – have multiple people focusing on accounts. These individuals are experts in each channel a business is hoping to see improvement in – search engine optimization, digital advertising, email marketing, social media, content marketing, etc. We even have experts in consumer behavior which helps us leverage your marketing plan, digitally – communicating to your clients/audience the way they want to be communicated to – driving results you desire.

These experts stay up-to-date on the latest trends and algorithm changes, and also talk to experts in other areas to develop creative solutions to solve a client’s problems and improve their digital marketing presence.

Access to Tools and Software

Many business owners hire an in-house marketing person or team to try and save on costs. One factor that is often overlooked is the software needed for employees to do their jobs adequately.

The monthly fees for software and management tools can quickly surpass thousands of dollars each year, especially if you’re looking to improve your online presence in multiple fields.

While some work can be done without these tools, it makes it much more difficult for employees to complete their duties. Experts at a digital marketing agency have access to multiple types of software and know how to optimize these tools to maximize results. In some cases, an agency will resell software at a discounted rate to clients if they want to do the work in-house, but that does not guarantee the results they are looking for.

Less Management

Keeping your marketing in-house means adding one more item to your list of things to manage.

By analyzing each aspect of your digital marketing campaign from multiple angles, our experts can determine which strategies best fit your needs. While you have the final say for how your campaign will operate, a digital marketing agency team can point out suggestions you may not have thought of, and employ proven strategies that have a better opportunity to make an impact.

Quicker Turnaround

In most cases, a digital marketing agency can complete work and help you reach your goals quicker than an in-house team. This is especially true when comparing an agency to a one-person department.

This is because agency employees can use their past experiences to eliminate process and ideas that haven’t worked in the past. By eliminating the guesswork and reducing testing, we’re able to save time and provide quicker and fruitful results.

Are you struggling to determine whether to hire an in-house digital marketing team or outsource to an agency? Give us a call and we’ll share all the solutions we offer. Our team can even analyze your business and determine which services will help your business most and how the WebArt team can help fulfill these needs.

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Ryan Hehr

After starting his career in the world of journalism, Ryan now uses that investigative passion to gain a deep understanding of each clients’ business in order to create a unique digital marketing strategy that helps them reach their goals.

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