Businesses Spend Too Much Time on Social Media

I’ve spoken at several events and sat on many panels concerning social media.

After each presentation, we open it up to the audience for questions. And this is the one I hear most often: “What’s the biggest mistake businesses make with social media?”

My answer always shocks the crowd: businesses spend too much time on social media.

After an uncomfortable laugh, everyone gets really quiet as I start to explain.

Many small businesses spend much of their digital marketing budget (time, money, other resources) posting frequently on multiple social media platforms, even when their social media profiles have very few followers and don’t justify that level of attention.

Often, smaller businesses don’t generate enough original content to share across multiple social media platforms. So, they resort to merely curating content - reposting from other sources without adding anything significant to it. That results in lower engagement, limited follower growth, and fewer impressions.

Using content from other brands also sends the message to your followers that you don’t have any ideas or news or activity of your own to share.

My solution is simple; not necessarily easy to pull off, but simple.

Instead of focusing on the quantity of your posts and being present on every social media platform, create quality content first and then share it where your audience spends time online.

All that time and money you spend on posting uninspired content or spreading someone else’s message – invest it in creating good reasons to reach out via social media.

Get involved with your community, sponsor events, design unique promotions, do something that matters, build on your unique perspective. Then, feed the content that results from that work to select social media platforms and let your audience share it with their networks.

Create the reasons to talk with your audience first, and then talk with your audience.

In the end, you’ll have value that’s far more substantial than a tweet or Facebook post. You’ll have new ideas and energy and action and stronger human relationships.

Even after that explanation, I often hear this question: “What does the future hold for social media?” My answer: It doesn’t matter. It’s changing as we speak. So, let’s focus on mastering what we can control - creating great content - and everything else will fall into place.

Brad Timofeev

Brad is an energetic thought leader on digital marketing.

Since joining the WebArt team in 2009, he's guided the agency's unique perspective on search engine optimization, content marketing, and other digital strategies. Book Brad for your next speaking arrangement.

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