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How To Fix An Incorrect Map Marker On Google

One of the most important Local SEO strategies is having your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) information accurate in Google Maps. Why is this? So your customers can find you.

Have you ever tried to find a business and you’re guided to the wrong location when using Google Maps or another GPS service? It can be infuriating to the point where you might take your business elsewhere.


Google's Pigeon Update May Affect Your Local Search Listings

Google's recent algorithm update, unofficially called Pigeon, affects map listings within the search engine. Map listings have been removed for certain search terms.


3 Steps to Improve Local Search Engine Rankings

There are many articles on the ranking factors of local search engine optimization. Most of the time, these articles contain information on the hundreds of variables that contribute to how your website ranks for local search queries.

We've simplified these ranking variables into three steps that can help you increase your local search engine rankings:


Are Your Local Listings Costing You?

In an era when phone books go from the doorstep to the recycling bin, most consumers use a search engine to find local business information. But if your listings are inaccurate or incomplete, you could be losing business.


5 Steps to Report an Inaccurate Map Marker

With so many people relying on local search, GPS devices and smart phones for directions, it’s more important than ever that your business have an accurate map marker.

Many people add their company’s location information to Google but make the crucial mistake of assuming the search engine will properly place their listing. Google only knows coordinates and where your business should be according to the information provided.

If your map marker is inaccurate, you could be losing business and never know it.  So, here are five steps you should take every time a lost customer calls.


SEO: The Right Tool for Tire and Automotive Service Centers

Brian Canning is a 30-year veteran of the automotive repair industry who now serves as a business analyst, leadership and management coach, and team leader. He works with tire and repair shop owners from across the country.

In his excellent article “SEO as a Cure for the Common Cold” (SearchAutoParts.com), Canning writes about the automotive repair world’s need for search engine optimization and includes explicit warnings against “doing it yourself.”

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Increase Traffic to Auto Repair & Tire Dealer Websites

Over the past couple of years, our agency has created many websites for auto repair centers and tire dealers. One thing I’ve noticed with each of these clients is that they weren’t utilizing the free website marketing and search engine optimization tools that tire manufacturers and auto service networks provide.


You Can Build Links for Local SEO

I read an article recently on Search Engine Land claiming that link building should no longer be a part of local SEO strategies after the Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. The author, Chris Silver Smith, states that that might prove especially difficult for local businesses. Read the full article here.

He writes that small businesses take many shortcuts, such as building interlinked microsites, purchasing numerous keyword domain names, and spamming links from article directories and blog networks.


Mountain View Tire Website Driving Increased Traffic to Stores

Launched August 30, 2010, the website we designed and built for Mountain View Tire (http://www.mountainviewtire.com/) is already responsible for a tremendous increase in unique phone calls to the company’s 29 southern California tire and automotive service stores.

“In just the first two months it was online, we saw a 55% jump in calls to phone numbers that are only listed on the website,” said Mountain View Tire Vice President Chris Mitsos. “And the number of daily requests for estimates has risen 150%! This site is getting found and people are responding to it.”

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