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Why a fancy web design isn’t always effective

Web design has come a long way since the late 90s and early 2000s. Back then, flashing content, neon colors, and quirky animation may have helped sites garner attention. Nowadays it will probably hurt your eyes.

While fancy web design may be a stage to showcase creativity and draw attention, is that more important than attracting sales and conversions? Sometimes simplicity is the key to success when dealing with the online world.


Place CTAs Throughout Your Content

While many writers agree that it’s important to include a call to action (CTA) in your website’s content, there seem to be differing opinions about where CTAs should be placed.

At WebArt, we believe the best approach is to include CTAs wherever they naturally fit in your content. This makes it easy for readers to contact your company while your content is making a fresh impact. Some good strategies to make this possible are to include links to your product pages or incorporate your company’s contact information throughout an article or blog post.

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Why doesn’t anyone see my content on social media?

Algorithm changes have caused many businesses to alter their social media strategies. However, through these changes, some "tried and true" techniques haven’t gone away.

Content Is Still King

To gain more views – along with likes and shares – your content needs to be good. Images need to be exciting or fun, blog content needs to be informative and easy to read, and videos need to be engaging.

Not sure how to create the images or videos that will gain attention? Start with documenting daily life.  Really! Instead of using a stock photo, use an image of your staff or a customer using the product. If half your team came to work wearing the same color, take a picture and share it on Instagram.  If you’re participating in a community event, take pictures or do live videos. When launching a new product or service, document the process and produce a video to share how it came to be.

To increase the number of people seeing your content, create content that causes them to “like, comment, and share.” The more interaction people have with your page, the more often your content will be seen. 


To Growth Hack or Not To Growth Hack?

Growth Hacker – An individual or team of marketers who focus on growing users for a product or service through untraditional methods, often overlooked by typical marketers.

The term growth hacking was coined in 2010, but little was known about it until the past couple of years. This is because case studies and stories about growth hacking strategies for big companies such as Yelp, Airbnb, Hubspot, PayPal, Box.com, and others began surfacing. The practice was an incremental part of what grew the user base for these companies and eventually made them household names.


Changes coming to Facebook business pages in August

Facebook has announced yet another change coming to the platform, this time to business pages.

The company sent emails to business page administrators in early August, announcing that business pages will automatically switch to a default template prechosen by the social platform. The default template chosen for each business was based on information previously provided on the business’s Facebook page.

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Brad Timofeev Speaks at 2nd Annual Civic Hackathon

Got a thing for digital marketing? And by “thing” I mean “does the health of your business depend at least somewhat on your online success?”

If so - and if you’re anywhere near Roanoke, Virginia on September 23rd - check out our own Brad Timofeev, live in action.

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WebArt Director Interviewed by Tire Review Magazine

When Senior Contributing Editor Denise Koeth was working on the Marketing Matters piece for Tire Review Magazine’s February 2016 issue, she tapped WebArt Director of Website Marketing, Brad Timofeev for digital marketing insight.

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WebArt Partnership Launches New Website for Reid’s Fine Furnishings

WebArt, in partnership with B2C Enterprises, recently launched a new, responsive website for Reid's Fine Furnishings.

The new website features an updated look, expanded menus, and social network sharing options. It also offers an inspiration gallery for decorating ideas, online appointment scheduling, interior designs tips, and more.

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WebArt Adds Familiar Face to Team as Content Strategist

We're very pleased to announce that Jessica Miller has moved to the WebArt team as a dedicated Content Strategist.

In August 2007, Jessica joined the staff of our sister agency BusinessVoice as a Creative Consultant. For that eight-year period, her primary focus was creating On Hold Marketing content. But, as WebArt grew, she was called on to develop website, blog and social media content as well.

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WebArt Wins Gold MarCom Award for Website Design

Clean. Bold. Informative. Fun.

Just a few words that describe the now award-winning BusinessVoice.com.

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