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Brad Timofeev Named Director of Website Marketing

Brad Timofeev has been promoted to the position of Director of Website Marketing for WebArt and BusinessVoice. (WebArt is BusinessVoice's in-house website design and marketing agency.)

Brad joined the WebArt staff in 2009 as an SEO Coordinator and Video Engineer. More recently he has worked closely with WebArt clients and staff to define and manage website marketing strategies and lead our efforts in web analytics.

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WebArt Personnel Get Google Certified

WebArt and its parent company Madison Avenue Marketing Group are proud to announce the recent Google certification of four of our employees:

  • Brad Timofeev - Director of Website Marketing
  • Clara Engel - Program Manager
  • Brett Molnar - Program Manager
  • Charles Hobbs - Front End Developer

"It's important for us to stay educated about all the changes in search, and Google's algorithm is the standard everyone tries to meet," said Brad Timofeev. "Having our Program Managers and Developers certified in Google Analytics enables us to provide a more advanced level of service to our clients from the build to the ongoing website marketing program."

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WebArt Remains On The Nice List

In 2014, WebArt remained on Santa's nice list. Below is a letter from McJingles, our assigned Elf on a shelf.


How Might a Tax on Internet Sales Affect Your Business?

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would allow states to impose sales tax on all online purchases. Lawmakers voted 74 to 20 to open a debate on the measure, which would allow states to force out-of-state merchants to collect sales tax for them.

The question you may be asking is "how would a tax on Internet sales affect my online business?"

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WebArt Driving New Business to Lee & Cates Glass

“Running a successful website is an ongoing effort,” says Steve Timofeev, Managing Partner of WebArt. “It’s like any other type of marketing; it requires constant attention. That’s a philosophy that separates WebArt from agencies that simply build websites.”

And it’s a philosophy that attracted Tom Lee to WebArt. He’s the President and CEO of Lee & Cates Glass, a full-service glass company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Our 2012 Video Christmas Card

Here at WebArt, we've had a big year: many new clients, new team members, new services and processes. We'd like to thank you for helping to make our growth and success possible, and we wish you a very merry Christmas and a successful, exciting new year. Please enjoy our 2012 video Christmas card.

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WebArt's "Mouth Harp" Snags Addy Award

Ever since he first boing-boing-boinged his way into our hearts last summer, the Tengagan Mouth Harp Man has sorta' become WebArt's unofficial mascot. (Our official mascot, of course, is Ava, the very attractive red pepper pictured at left, who, if office gossip is to be believed, is kinda' into me.)

Thursday night, Mouth Harp Man took another step toward earning his own parking spot and 36 square inches of prime shelf space in the staff refrigerator when he won a Silver Addy Award for us at the 2011 Addy Awards ceremony. That's an annual shindig thrown by the Ad Club of Toledo.

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Winning with More Tools

Successful online marketing often requires more than a great website. With today’s over-crowded Internet, it also takes tools such as social media and online video to stand out and encourage an audience to visit your site.

And whadya’ know? WebArt and our parent company BusinessVoice have been recognized by the MarCom Awards for our work in social media and online video.

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