Content: Why Shorter Is Sweeter

If you’re like me, you can be guilty of having a short attention span.

If that song doesn’t grab me in the first 10 seconds, I’m not sticking around for the epic guitar solo at the 4:43 mark. And you don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph about what differentiates a good website from a – um, did you say it’s BOGO on boneless wings today?

The point is it can be tough to stay focused on something for long periods of time. A 2015 Microsoft study famously claimed that the human attention span rivals that of a goldfish – a creature that doesn’t mind swimming in a fishbowl because he forgot what he saw nine seconds ago on his last trip around.

Maybe we just need the information presented in an appealing, easy-to-follow – and yes, “short” – manner.

The Power of Precision

Think about the websites or blogs you visit the most. Do you opt for those shaded gray from all of the text? Or do you prefer those with short, easy-to-digest bits of content, strategically placed under eye-catching icons?

If you have a lot to say, it can be hard to fit everything into one small paragraph. That’s OK. Your site doesn’t have to be short on actual content. Present your information in brief bursts, using shorter paragraphs and sub-headlines to break up the text.

Bullet points can work wonders in that regard.

  • They separate content into short blips.
  • They’re easy to read.
  • They attract the eye. If you skip over one portion of a blog post, it won’t be the bullets.

Make It Catchy – and Concise

Pair up a clever, compelling and slightly unexpected pun-rich headline with interesting, unique and useful content. That’s a recipe for success.

Putting “Savings Account Information” atop your bank’s list of reasons why customers should open a savings account isn’t exactly enticing them to action. But, “Saving for Your Future – or the Beach” gets people thinking about that vacation and why they may want to open an account with you.

Then you can hit them with bullet points containing the pertinent SEO-friendly information they need: interest rates, annual fees, minimum balances, etc.

Get to the point and encourage users to sign up for the account online.

Contact us to find out how we can help you create short, engaging content for your company.

Joel Sensenig

Joel has earned Associated Press Society of Ohio awards for Best Headline Writer, Best Features Writer and Best Columnist. His goal for WebArt clients is to discover their passions and relay them to their audience.

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