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Get Out of Your Mind And Think Like Your Users

When creating a new website, a lot of time is spent thinking about the design and making the site visually appealing. While this is important, your main focus should be on developing a useful tool for your customers. Putting yourself in your user’s shoes will help guide the design and development of your website.

General Practice for keeping your users in mind can include:

  • Use simple and highly visible CTAs (calls to action)
  • Be consistent with all aspects of your website 
  • Use clear messaging 
  • Don’t make users think too much

These items can be accomplished by focusing on the demographics of your ideal site user, and viewing the designs and functions through their eyes.

For the purposes of this example, let’s pretend you own an auto body shop and you’re marketing heavily to this persona:

  • 32-years-old
  • Female
  • Full-time employee
  • Mother of two
  • Middle Class

The auto industry is typically viewed as an industry focused on men who like to get their hands dirty. Trying to draw in the persona outlined above will require a shift in mindset. 

Instead of a cluttered website that relies heavily on dark colors, our targeted user would likely respond better to a clean, orderly website, with pops of color. This can make the user feel calm and connected with your business instead of viewing an oil change as another dreaded chore.

Our persona is likely busy and – with two children and in the middle class – always hunting for a deal. Strategic placements of CTAs and click-to-call buttons will be very important to this client. The faster they can search the website, find what they need, and move on to their next meeting or appointment the better. In addition, CTAs such as “Schedule & Save” are more likely to receive a click than “Schedule Today.”

Participating in exercises like this allows you to resonate with what your users are looking for and what they are expecting from your business. With that information in mind, it is easier to decide where you will place CTAs, the language and color you will use, and how the overall goals of the site will be achieved.

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