How Certifications Can Help Your Digital Marketing Efforts

When it comes to digital marketing, staying on the cutting edge of what the best online marketing tactics are is always important.

One of the best ways to stay current with digital marketing tactics is to gain and renew certifications in multiple areas of digital marketing. To qualify for these endorsements, you must learn about – and stay up to date with – what is available in the world of online advertising. 

Some of the top certificates you can obtain are from Google, the top search engine in the world. Google offers free videos and learning material for you to review and study the best approaches for getting your content on its search engine.

This is one of the main approaches we take here at WebArt. We are a Google Partner in Search Advertising and Mobile Advertising and have multiple staff members certified in the following areas:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Digital Sales Professional
  • Google AdWords Search Engine Advertising
  • Google AdWords Mobile Advertising
  • Google AdWords Display Advertising
  • Google AdWords Fundamentals

Going through Google isn’t the only way you can help promote your company and products. Yelp – which we’re also a partner of – is a great way to help you reach local consumers. Through local ads, profile upgrades and managing your listings, you can help your business grow a loyal and reputable customer-base.

Education and proper execution are the key to improving your digital marketing strategy. By properly analyzing your metrics, you can develop an individualized solution to boost your marketing and representation on Google, Yelp and most other popular search engines.

Ryan Hehr

After starting his career in the world of journalism, Ryan now uses that investigative passion to gain a deep understanding of each clients’ business in order to create a unique digital marketing strategy that helps them reach their goals.

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