How To Get More People to Open Your Emails

You put a lot of thought into each sentence with the hopes of inspiring all who read your email to call you or visit your website.

So why isn’t anyone calling or clicking?

There’s a good chance they aren’t calling or clicking because they aren’t even reading your email. Why? It’s likely because your subject line didn’t entice them to open it.

An often-overlooked aspect of an email marketing campaign is writing an eye-catching subject line that gives the recipient incentive to open it – the first step in them visiting your website or calling your number.

Here are some subject line tips to encourage people to take that all-important first step of opening the email:

  • Short and sweet: Only about 45 characters in the subject line appear on most phones – which is where many people check their email – so keep it simple. Most people aren’t going to open an email just to see how the subject line ends.
  • Address timeliness: If there’s a deadline mentioned within the email, ensure it is addressed in the subject line. If the discount is only good for one day, clearly state that. Mentioning the deadline adds a sense of urgency without reverting to exclamation points.
  • Don’t overdo the urgency: While urgency can be effective, fight the urge to say “Act now! 50% off today only!!” The average person is inundated with dozens of similar messages from companies every day.
  • Follow through on your promise: If you say “30% off savings” in your subject line, don’t specify “…. On all turquoise shoes in sizes 6 and 7” in the email body. It will feel like a “gotcha” trick and that won’t go over well.
  • Being witty is pun-derful: Humor can separate your email from the crowd of marketing emails. If your recipients are pet store shoppers, you owe it to everyone to say “Paws-itively claw-some sales going on right meow” rather than “Great sales going on right now.” Avoid taking this approach every day, but don’t be afraid of inserting some wit and personality into your emails on occasion.

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Joel Sensenig

Joel has earned Associated Press Society of Ohio awards for Best Headline Writer, Best Features Writer and Best Columnist. His goal for WebArt clients is to discover their passions and relay them to their audience.

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