How to work with support teams at Google and Bing over the phone

Having the correct business information on search engines is important for both your customers and SEO rankings. But updating this information in Bing Place and Google My Business isn’t always easy.

While some updates can be made in your dashboard, others require a call to the support team – which can be frustrating and time consuming. Here are the steps we take to resolve our clients’ issues as quickly as possible.

Know exactly what is wrong before you call.

That will reduce communication problems and help the support team resolve your issue quickly.

Be patient and stay on hold. There are no shortcuts around this.

If your business is important to you, wait on hold – even if it’s for two hours. Having the right information online will be worth it in the long run.

Make sure they have your contact information.

Issues aren’t always resolved with one phone call, so triple-check your contact information with the support team before you hang up to make sure they've got it right. Then, check your junk mail regularly after you talk with them in case their email lands in there.

Follow up if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

If it seems like the support team is taking their time getting back to you, call again.

Don't give up until the issue is resolved.

You’ve put a lot of time and work into getting your business where it is today. Be resilient to make sure your issue is resolved.

Jake Patterson

Jake is WebArt’s PPC Analytics Specialist and strives daily to improve our clients’ search engine optimization rankings and pay-per-click advertising conversions.

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