Is Your Digital Fire Still Burning?

“Keep that fire in your belly.”

I got that advice from one of my mentors at a very young age. And, every day, I carry that advice with me. The message behind it is to never let yourself get comfortable.

Human nature keeps us striving to find a level of comfort with everything we do. And most of us find it eventually. But, when we reach that level, the comfort is short-lived.

That's because the world is filled with other people who are trying to reach their own comfort levels, and that will directly or indirectly affect you at some point. Keeping the fire in your belly may never let you be completely comfortable, but it will help you sustain growth, predictability and happiness with everything you do.

That applies to your digital marketing strategy and website, too.

Your digital marketing competitors are constantly strategizing to get ahead. So, just because you’re #1 in the search engines today, doesn’t mean you’ll be #1 tomorrow.

Website development technology is constantly changing. The new design you created earlier this year will likely be outdated in three years or less. And new tools will arise that will allow you to integrate your business more seamlessly online.

New apps and platforms and strategies will allow you to connect with your audience on a new level. And in this “fair” environment we live in, you will, of course, be notified when those changes happen. (Insert sarcastic eye roll here.)

If you just finished your new website, don't pat yourself on the back for too long. Keep stoking that fire inside yourself to improve your digital presence - and your business - every day.

Always be thinking of how you can elevate your digital marketing efforts, and you’ll always find yourself ahead of your competition.

When I was a kid, I found it hard to sleep at night because I was wondering if I was prepared for school the next day. Now I can’t sleep at night because I keep wondering how we’re going to stay ahead of our clients' competitors and our own competition. (I manage to get my eight hours, though. Usually.)

I’ve been very fortunate to have great mentors throughout my personal and professional lives. And I'll reiterate one of the best pieces of advice I ever got: do what it takes to keep your personal, professional and digital fire burning.

Brad Timofeev

Brad is an energetic thought leader on digital marketing.

Since joining the WebArt team in 2009, he's guided the agency's unique perspective on search engine optimization, content marketing, and other digital strategies. Book Brad for your next speaking arrangement.

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