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Marketing Meets Music

As a website design and development agency, we typically work with businesses and organizations that want to improve their user experience and increase their online visibility.

Musician Jaime Mills was looking for a company to help him develop his brand and create an online destination for his music and videos. He approached more than a few agencies that opted not to work with him because he wasn't a business or organization. Happily, it's their loss.

Our initial meeting with Jaime was intended to be a short one to introduce our team and learn about his goals. His excitement and passion were so contagious we ended up brainstorming for three hours.

Jamie Mills MusicThe look
Music isn't just what Jaime does; it's who he is, and we wanted to illustrate that personification visually. Take a close look at the logo designer Greg Stawicki created. The negative space between the J and the M is a silhouette of Jaime strumming his guitar.

Greg knew he wanted to use Jaime's initials, so he drew them out on paper to see what shapes appeared in the lettering. To create the silhouette, he used a photograph provided by Jaime and derived a negative image from it.

Greg used a sepia tone and distressed treatment to highlight Jaime's blue collar, rust belt roots, and carried that treatment and color scheme throughout the website design.

The marriage of creativity and strategy
Just as great music blends classic sounds from different genres, a great website blends design with content and strategy.

JaimeMillsMusic.com tells the story of Jaime's past and how it colored his music. The simple menu system focuses on his music and upcoming shows, and the pages are peppered with his lyrics.

There are links to iTunes, Google Play and Amazon where you can download his music online, as well as embedded video players for his videos.

The website also includes a newsletter sign up and a link to his Facebook page where he shares photos and stories of his shows and creative process.

Built for growth
Part of our strategy was to make it easy to grow Jaime's online properties as his music career continues to evolve. We've planned an ecommerce tab for his Facebook page when he can sell merchandise and CDs, as well as an event calendar.

The website was built for growth, too. The blog format on the news and music pages enables us to feature new content first and archive previous updates to maintain the chronology of the coverage.

Making music together
Jaime's new song "Ain't Enough Whiskey in the Bottle" tells such a powerful story, we wanted to bring the audience along on the journey through a music video. Scott Greggory directed the video and thinks most people will be surprised by the ending. Did you see it coming? 

What the future holds

"Hard Heart," an original song written by Jaime with friend and collaborator Tom Cole, has been selected for the soundtrack of the upcoming motion picture "Perfect Season," which tells the story of the Toledo Troopers, a professional women's football team. The film's director Brett Leonard said the tune "fit the movie perfectly."

Jaime also recently signed an agreement with music management group Midwest Entertainment. They're planning some regional shows at larger venues in 2015.

And we'll be there to help him tell the story online.

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