Place CTAs Throughout Your Content

While many writers agree that it’s important to include a call to action (CTA) in your website’s content, there seem to be differing opinions about where CTAs should be placed.

At WebArt, we believe the best approach is to include CTAs wherever they naturally fit in your content. This makes it easy for readers to contact your company while your content is making a fresh impact. Some good strategies to make this possible are to include links to your product pages or incorporate your company’s contact information throughout an article or blog post.

On the flip side, never force a CTA into your content where it doesn’t fit naturally. Few things on your website are as impactful as quality content and well-written blogs, but unnatural solicitations can distract readers and decrease the quality of your content. This can also have a negative effect on your public image, SEO rankings, and overall public trust.

Some writers feel the only place for a CTA is the end of an article. While this is an easy place to incorporate a CTA, it can lead to missed opportunities since it’s impossible to predict when site visitors will stop scrolling down your web pages. However, it’s rarely a bad idea to include CTAs in your closing paragraph as well as throughout your content.

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Ryan Hehr

After starting his career in the world of journalism, Ryan now uses that investigative passion to gain a deep understanding of each clients’ business in order to create a unique digital marketing strategy that helps them reach their goals.

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