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MadAveGroup’s digital marketing agency, WebArt, recently designed a website for SavaSeniorCare – one of the nation’s largest providers of skilled nursing, memory care, and rehabilitative services. WebArt’s team created a website that satisfied the needs of SavaSeniorCare’s multiple business units and associated facilities, while delivering on the organization-wide goals for this initiative.

Initially, our conversation with SavaSeniorCare centered on the development of a new website. Through Discovery, we recognized that their goals were more in line with establishing a new brand identity, and they hoped to make their web presence the focal point of this reintroduction.

“The key was getting to know the client, their audiences, and operations,” said WebArt Managing Partner Steve Timofeev. “That’s what we needed to do to make this project – and any of our projects – a success.”

WebArt partnered with MadAveGroup’s design2influence agency to deliver the solution SavaSeniorCare was looking for, and representatives from both agencies spent two days meeting with senior leadership and different business unit stakeholders at their Atlanta headquarters. Creative staff also visited select associated facilities of SavaSeniorCare, giving them firsthand exposure to the character and personality the website should reflect.

Once the initial Discovery was complete, our team outlined the goals of the new web presence, the strategies for meeting those goals, and the tactics that would be employed in the execution of those strategies. Delivered to the client in the form of a written Program Definition, we ensured our two companies were in agreement before moving to the design and build phase.

The result was a website that guided patients and their family through the often uncertain journey of finding a senior care solution, helped distinguish SavaSeniorCare from other senior care providers, and gave SavaSeniorCare a platform to reintroduce itself to the public with a new brand identity.

In addition, the 300+ pages of the website can be managed through a single portal. Furthermore, each facility can update content for its individual location section.

Our team works with SavaSeniorCare on an ongoing basis to ensure the website meets their ever-evolving digital needs.

“The team at SavaSeniorCare trusted our lead, and was confident in our execution due to the extremely collaborative approach our WebArt team takes,” said Steve Evert, MadAveGroup Vice President of Business Development.

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After starting his career in the world of journalism, Ryan now uses that investigative passion to gain a deep understanding of each clients’ business in order to create a unique digital marketing strategy that helps them reach their goals.

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