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How did Coca-Cola create one of the best online marketing campaigns of all time? They started offline with inherently shareable content.


Share a Coke - BradYou've seen the cans and bottles with individual names, as well as special types of people such as BFF, Mom, Dad, and so on... You've probably looked for your name on store shelves or been excited to pull it out of the vending machine at work. You may have even texted a photo of the BFF can to your best friend, or posted a photo of the Mom can to Facebook.

The Share a Coke campaign began with Coca-Cola's Content 2020 plan, which illustrates how their brand content development strategy will evolve over the next several years.

Staying true to their core values of friendship, happiness and good times, the marketing minds at Coca-Cola focused on how people communicate both on and offline. Then, they created a framework that allowed people to tell their own stories using the Coca-Cola products.

Share a Coke Framework Components:

• Personalized Coca-Cola products
• Campaign microsite, allows people to create and share a virtual Coke product
• Social platforms sharing consumer-generated stories
   • Facebook
   • Instagram
   • Twitter
   • SnapChat- CocaCola
   • Vine
• #ShareACoke (Hashtags are a great tool for tracking campaign impressions.)

What did they achieve?

Marketing Daily reported that the campaign has outperformed other major summer beverage campaigns, according to data from analytics company Networked Insights.

Here are some stand-out campaign metrics, as of July 28th:

• 125,000+ Share a Coke posts were shared across digital channels
• 96% of the sentiment has been positive or neutral
• 11.8% brand lift

Viral moments built on the campaign foundation, including a marriage proposal and a baby announcement.

Countless un-trackable brand impressions all over the world.

How can you create a Share a Coke moment for your brand?

Building a successful campaign like this doesn't start online – it ends there.

Think about how your audience communicates. Consider the kind of content they share and how it ties into your brand. Develop a content hook that will engage the people in your audience on an individual level. Make it easy and natural for them to share your content, both on and offline. Monitor the conversation happening around your campaign. Be agile in your response – don't force the conversation, but rather go with the flow.

Don't panic if you don't see your Facebook likes jump up exponentially. Fifty engaged and responsive followers are worth more to your brand than thousands of fans who may not see your content in their social streams.

Other Tips
Support your campaign with advertising, online and off, including printed media, pay-per-click ads, and broadcast media.

Measure, measure, measure both on the web and in the real world. If this is your first such campaign, these measurements will give you a good benchmark to reach for on the next one. They'll also give you a good sense of where your brand stands in the marketplace.

And remember, your brand isn't Coca-Cola. You probably don't spend millions on advertising, product testing, content development and focus groups. You don't even have to. Just start with a simple idea and execute it fully to get the best results.

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