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When Senior Contributing Editor Denise Koeth was working on the Marketing Matters piece for Tire Review Magazine’s February 2016 issue, she tapped WebArt Director of Website Marketing, Brad Timofeev for digital marketing insight.

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Last week, our VP of Creative Services talked to TireBusiness.com about maximizing the impact of online properties in the automotive services industry. Topics included websites and social media, as well as web video, email newsletters, and local directory listings.

It's very important to have a diverse marketing mix, because "different consumers have different needs. They will want to reach out... in the way they feel most comfortable, which can include social media, website, emails, phone calls and in person."

Read the full article here.

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The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would allow states to impose sales tax on all online purchases. Lawmakers voted 74 to 20 to open a debate on the measure, which would allow states to force out-of-state merchants to collect sales tax for them.

The question you may be asking is "how would a tax on Internet sales affect my online business?"

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