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WebArt Adds Familiar Face to Team as Content Strategist

We're very pleased to announce that Jessica Miller has moved to the WebArt team as a dedicated Content Strategist.

In August 2007, Jessica joined the staff of our sister agency BusinessVoice as a Creative Consultant. For that eight-year period, her primary focus was creating On Hold Marketing content. But, as WebArt grew, she was called on to develop website, blog and social media content as well.


"Jess has an understanding of the social sphere that will take our social media programs to the next level," said Brad Timofeev, WebArt's Director of Website Marketing. "She'll be working with our team to create strategies that enhance our client's presence on social platforms and get better results."

"Content is key to what we do, and it needs to stand out to get results," said Jessica. "I'll be setting up comprehensive strategies that ensure our content is engaging and shareable, and that it gets the results our clients want."

"Online marketing is constantly changing," said Timofeev, "and we're always looking for ways to stay ahead of those changes. Jessica's work as a content strategist will help us encourage more consumer engagement for our clients, put more keywords at the top of the page, and generate more revenue for our clients."

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