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WebArt Driving New Business to Lee & Cates Glass

“Running a successful website is an ongoing effort,” says Steve Timofeev, Managing Partner of WebArt. “It’s like any other type of marketing; it requires constant attention. That’s a philosophy that separates WebArt from agencies that simply build websites.”

And it’s a philosophy that attracted Tom Lee to WebArt. He’s the President and CEO of Lee & Cates Glass, a full-service glass company based in Jacksonville, Florida.


Lee wanted to attract more customers to his 15 northern Florida and southern Georgia locations, specifically those in need of automotive glass repair.

“That’s a particularly competitive end of the glass business,” said Timofeev. “But we designed and built a website that’s already out-performing the previous site.”

But the creation of the new site is only the beginning of our work for Lee & Cates.

Our long-term strategy includes ongoing Digital Marketing and SEO programs - and they’re already working. In the two months since the April 2012 launch of the new LeeAndCatesGlass.com, the site has drawn 12% more traffic. Organic search traffic has increased by 51%. Requests for auto glass quotes are already up by 5% and phone calls to the website-exclusive telephone numbers have increased by 20%.

Also, 47% of the site’s targeted keywords rank on the first page of all search engines. The proactive marketing programs that WebArt has put in place for Lee & Cates will only improve those numbers.

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