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WebArt Wins Internet Advertising Competition

We're very happy to announce that Madison Avenue Marketing Group / WebArt has won a 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award in the category of "Best Other Social Media."

Our winning entry was the Facebook page we created and maintain for Spirit Services.

The page uses a fun, retro look to differentiate the Spirit brand. The humorous content is designed to create an enjoyable experience for the audience and drive them to the company's website, www.GetSpirit.com.

Entries in the Internet Advertising Competition compete head-to-head with other entries in their category, and are judged on the following criteria:

• Creativity
• Innovation
• Impact
• Design
• Copywriting
• Use of the medium
• Memorability

The Web Marketing Association has been presenting the Internet Advertising Competition since 1999. The WMA was founded to set a high standard for Internet marketing and corporate web development.

The organization is made up of Internet marketing, advertising, PR and design professionals with an interest in improving the quality of online advertising, marketing and promotion.

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