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What Goes into a Great Banking Website

Think about your bank or credit union's website. What's most important to you, as a consumer?

When we sat down with VacationLand Federal Credit Union to discuss their new website, that was the question that drove our discussion.


Establishing Goals and Meeting Them

The most important step in developing a new website for any business is to establish goals. Those goals will drive the direction of the design, the copy, and the website's usability. In the financial sector, the biggest concerns are often ease-of-use, content accuracy, representation of brand and compliance.

VacationLand's primary goals for their new website included:
• Improving the user experience
• Creating a look and feel that connects with the local community
• Making content updates easier and more efficient.

How We Made it Work

The key to improving the user experience was streamlining the navigation so visitors can find what they're looking for quickly. We also added a graphic call-to-action for their online account management portal in the main menu.

The responsive design is another user-experience upgrade. Now, the website can be viewed on mobile devices, including smartphone and tablets, as well as traditional desktop and laptop computers.

To help VacationLand connect with their local community, we created an image rotator on the homepage that features employee photos and service statements from their banking team.

And the whole website is built on a content management platform that makes it easy for the VacationLand team to update content, add pages, and change product information in real time.

Marketing and Compliance Come Together

Marketing in the financial industry can be challenging because strict federal regulations dictate specific language that has to be included when promoting various banking services. We worked closely with the VacationLand compliance team to rewrite their website content to meet both their marketing initiatives and federal compliance regulations. 

If your banking website needs a facelift or a technical upgrade, request information about our website design, development and marketing services, or call us at 419/724-8600 to discuss your goals. 

"I just want to say a huge thanks for all the hard work you have done on the site! It looks so much better than I could have even imagined. I will fully admit to being the one to make the majority of the changes and can’t even imagine the time spent making it the way it looks today. I know a thank you isn’t much, but I just wanted to acknowledge you and your team for all the hard work and dedication in the last weeks/months. I am proud to say that I 'worked' on the site and will be showing it off to everyone I know. Thanks again."

Amy Leroux
BSACS, CUCE | Compliance Officer
VacationLand Federal Credit Union

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