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What's The Silver Bullet for SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), you may have a lot in common with the folks who work in tire sales and automotive repair.

Brian Canning is a 30-year veteran of the auto repair world who now serves as a business analyst, leadership and management coach, and team leader. He’s also a true believer in the power of search engine optimization – the art and science of maximizing your website’s appeal to search engines and making it easier for potential customers to find.

In this article at SearchAutoParts.com, Canning addresses a few misperceptions about search engine optimization; misperceptions you may share with his peers. Any of these sound familiar?


1) You may think that SEO is a magic bullet. Canning writes that most shop owners “are dying for that plug and play solution” to their marketing challenges that they’ve heard SEO provides. “Many of them are discovering that this great tool can certainly have a positive impact,” Canning reveals, “but just like every other tactic or strategy, search engine optimization only works as part of a broader marketing plan.”

SEO can play an important role in your online success if it’s planned and executed well, but it’s not a cure-all. As pervasive as the Internet is, there are still many other touchpoints where you need to meet and engage consumers in order to maximize your success.

2) You may think that SEO is a one-time project. Canning explains that search engine optimization “only works if [you] are willing to put in the time, money and consistent effort to launch it in the right way, and then only if [you] are prepared to dedicate time to its execution every month.”

The web is constantly changing and evolving, and your SEO and Website Marketing efforts need to keep pace. If your site isn’t updated regularly and frequently it’s sure to lose ground within search engines and in the minds of customers looking for new information and new reasons to return to your site.

3) You may think that SEO is a quick and easy fix. “Most of the owners and managers I talk to are reluctant or unable to put in the time [to execute an SEO program],” writes Canning. “They discover much too late that the panacea of search engine optimization does not exist unless they are able to commit themselves to the effort. This sounds an awful lot like work to me.”

Strike any chords? If your day is already full, don’t add SEO chores to your to-do list. It’s too critical to be put off until you “have the time.”

4) You may think that SEO is a job you should take on yourself. “Knowing how taxed most shop owners and managers are for time, my suggestion is that you explore all that search engine optimization could do for you, all the ways that it could highlight and make your operation more visible, and find somebody accomplished to do it for you. It is so important and crucial to your long-term viability and so demanding of a thorough and consistent effort, my strong suggestion would be to spend some time searching out who is successful at it and negotiate a comprehensive plan that matches their ability with your immediate and long-term needs. Search engine optimization is one of those things that is best left to the professionals.”

Canning adds this: “There is not a more important marketing tool out there. SEO makes us very visible to the buying public by putting us where consumers are looking. Doing it half way will leave you no better off than when you started down this path. Please take my advice: remember how important this is and how busy you are and find a successful professional to do it for you. Your bottom line will thank you again and again and again.”

Brian Canning's thoughts mesh perfectly with our approach at BusinessVoice: We take care of every aspect of the ongoing marketing and search engine optimization of your website so you can concentrate on what you do best. And, yes, to maximize the success of your website, the effort needs to be ongoing.

Read Brian Canning’s entire article here.

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