Why Blogging is Good for Business

When it comes to marketing your business, few things can make as big of an impact as a well-written blog.

When executed properly, a blog can inform, entertain, guide and even inspire your audience. Maybe that inspiration is to visit your website. Maybe it’s to share your message with others. Or maybe one of your blog’s bullet points even causes them to make a lifestyle change.

Whatever that inspiration, remember: It started with your blog.

If you’re not currently blogging on your website – either through creating in-house content or having a marketing agency develop it for you – here are some things to consider: 


Improve Your SEO

Want to increase your search engine optimization (SEO)? Creating fresh content is always better than relying on old material to improve your search engine rankings.

Be sure to insert keywords and topics into your blog copy. The regular creation of blogs (and inserting those magic keywords) is a key factor in increasing your site’s SEO.

Show Your Personality

Too often, businesses are perceived as lifeless entities existing simply to sell a service or product. A blog allows you to show that your business consists of actual people with voices, passions and personalities.

Even if your product or service isn’t “sexy,” there are ways to blog about it and capture the attention of those interested in your business – and you can develop a relationship in the process.

Get Social With Blogs

OK, so not everyone makes it part of their daily routine to read your company’s blogs. But where will they go 139 times a day on their phone, work computer, and tablet? All together: social media!

Use your social media page to connect people with your blogs (and consequently, your website). Sharing memes with inspirational or funny quotes is well and good, but for people to truly resonate with your business, you have to offer something unique and relevant. Directing your social media audience to your blog is an effective way to drive captive audiences to your website.

Be an Industry Leader

Blogs go a long way in establishing your business as an industry leader. They show that you are active in your field, are a company that is passionate about trends, and are worth following for information on industry insights and advice. 

Joel Sensenig

Joel has earned Associated Press Society of Ohio awards for Best Headline Writer, Best Features Writer and Best Columnist. His goal for WebArt clients is to discover their passions and relay them to their audience.

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