Why businesses should look beyond Facebook

When clients ask us to create social media accounts for their business, something we often hear is “We want a Facebook page.”

While Facebook may be the largest social media platform in the world (it has more than 1.3 billion users), that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to reach your audience. There are multiple platforms out there, so be sure to focus your efforts on the platform that will help you reach your ideal audience.

Questions to ask before choosing which platforms to post on

Before you begin posting on any social media platform, you need to know the following information about your audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • What are they looking for on social media?
  • What is their income level?
  • What type of content do they like to see?
  • Which platform will meet these needs?

Next, determine your social media goals. All posts should accomplish one of four items:

  • Do: Your audience has a desire to do something.
  • Know: Your audience is looking to be educated about a topic.
  • Go: Your audience wants to go somewhere.
  • Entertain: Your audience is looking for a way to kill time.

Once you know these basic items, you’ll have a better idea of which platforms are best for your business – if any.

Choosing the right platform

The list of apps and websites that can be considered social media is endless. With that said, each platform has a different focus in how it reaches users.

Here is a breakdown of the top social platforms and how they engage with their audience.

Facebook: With nearly every form of content able to be shared, Facebook is one of the easier platforms to get started on. Whether you’re posting videos or text, if you want to be successful on Facebook, your posts should create meaningful interactions with your audience.

Twitter: Twitter is most commonly used to keep up with news or be informed on breaking news. Whether you’re sharing industry news or company news, Twitter would be an ideal platform for your business.

Instagram: In order to succeed on Instagram your content must be visually appealing. Allowing you to share a variety of content types, from photos to live videos, it’s always important that your posts are high-quality and engaging.  

Pinterest: This is another visual platform but comes with its own best practices. Users on this platform want to be inspired to try or buy new things. Content such as product posts, infographics and how-to guides perform the best.

LinkedIn: As the most professional focused social platform, LinkedIn is best used for finding top talent, promoting your business and sharing other professional content, such as webinars. The better you understand your followers’ demographics, the better you can tailor your content to your audience, increasing your chance of success on this platform.

YouTube: Over a billion hours of video is watched every day, making it the second largest social media site after Facebook. Compared to other platforms you’re limited on the variety of content you’re able to share, but the quality of your content is just as important. Videos that have a creative, entertaining or educational component tend to be the most successful on the platform.

Don’t choose too many platforms

One common mistake businesses make is taking on too many platforms at once. Managing just one social platform is extremely time consuming and managing multiple platforms can be almost impossible if you don’t have a dedicated individual (or team) of experts.

This is yet another reason to choose a social media platform that allows you to reach your targeted audience.

Need help choosing the right social platform for your business? Contact our experts today. We can help you create and execute a social media plan specific to your industry and business goals.

Ryan Hehr

After starting his career in the world of journalism, Ryan now uses that investigative passion to gain a deep understanding of each clients’ business in order to create a unique digital marketing strategy that helps them reach their goals.

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