Why doesn’t anyone see my content on social media?

Algorithm changes have caused many businesses to alter their social media strategies. However, through these changes, some "tried and true" techniques haven’t gone away.

Content Is Still King

To gain more views – along with likes and shares – your content needs to be good. Images need to be exciting or fun, blog content needs to be informative and easy to read, and videos need to be engaging.

Not sure how to create the images or videos that will gain attention? Start with documenting daily life.  Really! Instead of using a stock photo, use an image of your staff or a customer using the product. If half your team came to work wearing the same color, take a picture and share it on Instagram.  If you’re participating in a community event, take pictures or do live videos. When launching a new product or service, document the process and produce a video to share how it came to be.

To increase the number of people seeing your content, create content that causes them to “like, comment, and share.” The more interaction people have with your page, the more often your content will be seen. 

Put Yourself Out There

If there are frequently asked questions about your product or service, use videos to answer those questions.

With the increase in activity of Instagram and Facebook Live videos, brands are experiencing real time success and interaction from their followers. During live videos, questions can be posed and answered on the spot, and the video is saved for future viewing. If going live is a bit nerve-wracking, pre-recorded videos are still a great alternative to an image or text only post.

How Often Should You Post?

Frequency isn’t the issue; it’s consistency. Depending on the industry and audience base, the number of posts per week may vary – but it should be consistent. Posting once one week and posting ten times the following is not in your best interest. However, there are some exceptions to that rule.

Twitter posts have a short shelf life and can be created more frequently than Facebook posts. If you’re participating in an all-day event, Instagram is a great avenue to share images and videos throughout the day as events occur. If you’re posting links to your website, it should be done occasionally (a few times a week) with other fun or educational posts in between.

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Cindy Ursell

Cindy works closely with clients and strives to make each part of their marketing efforts successful. Whether a client needs brochures designed, email marketing campaigns set up, or social media support, Cindy designs a marketing plan to help them reach their targeted audience.

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