Why Staying On Brand Is Important

“You do you.”

These three little meme-worthy words reveal a lot about why it’s important to communicate your brand in your logo, emails, website, advertising, signage, images, and all other marketing collateral.

To connect with customers and make them feel like you’re the brand for them – whether you sell furniture, healthcare services, automotive hoses or oil changes – your brand has to be a reflection of you. It’s impossible to maintain a brand identity over months, years or decades if it’s not authentic and from the heart.

Customers that stick with you over time likely do so because your brand fits into their view of themselves – as consumers and more importantly, as people. They want to be associated with your brand because they see it as an extension of themselves and their lifestyle.

Email marketing is such a useful tool because it helps not only get your messaging in front of customers – past, present and hopefully, future – it also reminds them of your brand and why it’s a good fit for their lives and personal or professional needs. Everything is important to your brand – pay attention to subject lines, body copy, images, logo, typeface and placement of these elements in your marketing collateral.  

Here are several reasons it’s important to make sure your email marketing stays on brand:

Be Authentic

The good news is that this should be easy – you just have to be yourself. The downside is that it’s not always so easy to convey yourself authentically. The values you embody as a business must be carried out in your email designs and other marketing materials if you want to create real connections with customers.

Allow your brand to be a living, breathing creature – the best businesses adapt when there is a shift in customer culture. Your core beliefs will stay the same, but technology and capabilities can alter your services and offerings – allow them to change to best serve your customers.

Consistence is Key

The tone and imagery used in your emails needs to mirror that of your homepage, which needs to mirror that of your blogs, which needs to mirror that of your social media posts, and so on.

Consistency is the lifeblood of your brand – without consistency, there is no brand. Consistent messaging isn’t a given, however. It requires a constant attention to detail and mindfulness about what you’re putting out to the world about your company. Images, logos and copy – not to mention the emotions they stir up – must work together to present your brand in a cohesive manner.

Over time, consistent messaging gives you credibility with your audience. The more connected they feel to you through branded messaging, the more tied to your brand they’ll feel and the more loyal customer they’re likely to be. If your messaging does not fit into the image your customers have of you, you risk alienating them and losing their business.

Remember Your Purpose

Remember why you got in business in the first place: Presumably, you believe you provide customers with something they can’t get anywhere else – at least not like you provide it. Your products and services are there to help people, and your brand needs to remind them of that in all of your communications with them – email and otherwise.

Need help consistently communicating your brand in emails and other marketing materials? Our experts can help. At WebArt, we work closely with design2influence, MadAveGroup’s branding, advertising and design agency, to communicate your brand in a visually appealing way.

Contact us today so we can learn more about your brand and goals to help you launch your digital marketing initiative.

Joel Sensenig

Joel has earned Associated Press Society of Ohio awards for Best Headline Writer, Best Features Writer and Best Columnist. His goal for WebArt clients is to discover their passions and relay them to their audience.

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