Email Marketing

Email marketing is more than just blasting your latest sale or promotion to your entire customer list. The most effective email marketing strategies target groups of users based on where they are in the buying cycle.

Developing An Email Marketing Program

Developing, implementing and managing an email program that drives business results is a full-time job. Unless you work with an agency that has the resources and expertise to do it for you.

To develop a successful email marketing program for your business, we’ll analyze your customer database or CRM system and identify which audience members are where in their buying cycle. Then, armed with details about your business’ sales process, we’ll determine the various messages we need to create, when we need to send them, and to whom, to move your audience through your marketing funnel.


Email Marketing Services

We offer comprehensive email marketing programs, including:

  • Email template design
  • Email content development
  • Automated email workflow
  • Content marketing distribution
  • List segmentation
  • And more

Measuring Success

While open and click-through rates provide insight to the appeal of the messages you’re sending, we measure success based on the number of people who move to the next phase of the buying cycle.

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