IP Targeting

IP Targeting is an advanced segmenting option for companies advertising on display networks. WebArt allows you to use hyper-focused display advertisements to target select venues and individuals.

How It Works

There are two ways to use IP Targeting: To reach an entire audience at a venue or to influence specific individuals you already know.

For venues, tell WebArt the date, time and location of the event you want to reach and we’ll collect device data from those attending the event. This information will allow you to send targeted ads to these devices during the event or for up to six months after the event.

To reach specific individuals, all you need is a clean data set that includes street addresses, zip codes, and the last name of individuals/business names. WebArt then matches the IP addresses of those businesses/homes using offline data such as registered voter lists, direct mail data, etc. This assures we match IP addresses to the exact person/business you’re looking to target.

Why Are Businesses using IP Targeting?

Many businesses are adding IP Targeting to their digital advertising strategy for these reasons:

  • It reduces ad waste in comparison to geofencing and other display advertising.
  • You have more control over the distribution of impressions.
  • It gives you the ability to create precise messaging.
  • Businesses obtain more from their prospect and customer data.
  • It provides the opportunity to prospect digitally through data collection.

IP Targeting Solutions

Residential Targeting

Deliver ads to the home devices of your targeted audience.

Business Targeting

Target businesses or cross-sell to customers by delivering ads to people in a specific building.

Venue / Event Targeting

Deliver ads to people at specific venues, such as sporting events, theaters, campuses, and more.

New Mover Targeting

Deliver ads to new home owners or people who recently moved without any customer data.

IP & Device ID Collection

WebArt can collect a consumers’ device data at events so you can deliver display ads to individuals up to six months after the event.

Impressions Calculator

Use this calculator to get an automated recommendation on number of impressions you should buy.
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Average People Per Building

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Desired Impressions per Household or Business

Assume 10 impressions per employee for businesses. Assume 20-40 impressions per household.

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