IP Targeting FAQs

IP Targeting is an advanced segmenting option for advertising on display networks. WebArt gives you the ability to collect data and target your audience with hyper-focused display advertisements in the luxury of their home, business, or at an event. Below are the most common questions we receive.
Are there minimum list sizes required?

Yes, we need to match a minimum of 500 households to serve ads. For businesses, we need to match a minimum of 100 businesses to serve ads.

We recommend that all campaigns run for a minimum of 3 months.

For new movers and pre-movers targeting, we need to serve a minimum of 200,000 impressions.

What do we need to run an IP match?
Where will my ads appear?
How do we deliver ads?
Can we serve video ads?
What are the recommended uses for IP Targeting?
How is pricing calculated?
Can you match other types of IPs?
Can you make sure my ads don’t appear on specific sites?
Can you target mobile phones?
Are there any legal implications against this form of advertising?

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