IP Targeting FAQs

IP Targeting is an advanced segmenting option for advertising on display networks. WebArt gives you the ability to collect data and target your audience with hyper-focused display advertisements in the luxury of their home, business, or at an event. Below are the most common questions we receive.
Are there minimum list sizes required?

Yes, we need to match a minimum of 500 households to serve ads. For businesses, we need to match a minimum of 100 businesses to serve ads.

We recommend that all campaigns run for a minimum of 3 months.

For new movers and pre-movers targeting, we need to serve a minimum of 200,000 impressions.

What do we need to run an IP match?

Last Name, Street Address 1, Street Address 2 (EX: Apt. 1, Ste. 1, Lot 1, etc.), Zip Code

All data needs to be compiled in a csv file or spreadsheet.

We do not guarantee matching 100% of the client-provided list. Client’s street addresses get removed from the IP targeting list if we’re not 90% sure we can match the IP address with the provided customer data. Please note the old adage that garbage in, is garbage out.

Where will my ads appear?

We place ads on over 1,000,000 websites that include 30-50 billion advertising impressions per day.  This is about 90% of the available daily ad inventory on the Internet.  Some of the popular sites where ads are placed include Google, MSN, Facebook, and Yahoo!

How do we deliver ads?

We use a Demand-Side-Platform or DSP. This is a technology tool that aggregates online advertising buyers and sellers. We then bid for advertising space from the buyers.

We can deliver video and banner advertisements.

Can we serve video ads?

Yes. We serve pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll. Pre-Roll is a majority of the inventory.

What are the recommended uses for IP Targeting?
  • Correlate with Direct mail
  • Service Reminders
  • Data Collection Through Venue & Event Fencing
  • Data Collection through Residential Movers
  • Competitive Recruiting
  • Political Campaigns

IP Targeting has a number of different usage scenarios. Contact a sales representative to identify an application for your business.

How is pricing calculated?

Pricing is calculated based on the number of impressions bought. We make our recommendations based on delivering 30-40 impressions per household or 10 impressions per employee, per business. We also assume that we’ll match 35-50% of the data provided with IP addresses.

Contact us to get an estimate on your IP Targeting campaign.

Can you match other types of IPs?

Yes, we can match new movers or pre-movers when provide zip codes for specific areas. We can also collect data through geofencing down to the meter for events and large campuses such as universities, airports, stadiums, business campuses, etc.

Can you make sure my ads don’t appear on specific sites?

Yes, by default we will not serve ads on adult or “vice” sites. Additionally, we eliminate sites with a history of low quality or fraudulent traffic. If you would like us to further restrict sites we can do so with you recommendations.

Can you target mobile phones?

Yes, we can target high value buildings and locations such as airports, stadiums, or universities where purchasing intent.

We can serve in-app ads and to device optimized websites.

Are there any legal implications against this form of advertising?

As long as you have the right and proof to use the data for marketing purposes than we can advertise. 

All of our client’s are required to add the following statement to their privacy policy on their website before running the ads.

“Interest Based Advertising and IP Targeting: We may work with data providers to serve advertising to you through display media or other methods. These providers may use personal information that we have collected or that you have provided to locate you online, such as when you visit or log in to websites or mobile applications. This information may be linked to online identifiers or IP addresses assigned to you, and to demographic or interest-based data, in order to target you with relevant advertising, including about our products or services. To learn more about or opt out of this and other interest-based advertising, please visit the industry opt-out pages operated by the DAA, at http://www.aboutads.info and by the NAI at http://networkadvertising.org.”

Ask us how you can utilize IP Targeting