Local Listings Optimization

The days of consumers checking the phone book for your contact information are long gone. Over 70% of consumers are shopping online before making a purchase in your brick and mortar stores.

First, we optimize your website for your city, county, state or region. We implement content marketing strategies and tactics that are related to your locality. The content we produce incorporates keywords related to your location. We'll also build links back to your website by writing articles for the web properties of your local media outlets, and work with you to get you more involved in your community. We'll implement social media campaigns that will help you build your local customer base.

Secondly, we make sure your business contact information is accurate on local directories across the Internet. Consistent listings are a ranking factor in search engine algorithms. If your contact information isn't consistent throughout the web, the search engines won't be confident in sharing it with searchers, and won't rank your listing as high.

Inaccurate listings can cost you customers, but keeping those listings updated can be difficult and time consuming. WebArt is partnered with a network of local directories, so we can instantly update your listings. Our partnership allows us to differentiate your company from your competition, using specific calls-to-action on each of your listings. Find out if your listings are consistent with our local listing tool.


Fix your local listings today