Steve Campos

Many designers say that art direction comes in two forms: too much or none at all.

A lack of direction can hinder the design process for some, but for Steve - a graphic design veteran - it’s an opportunity to explore.

“Research drives my creative process,” he says. “I look at the client’s industry to see what’s already out there from a graphic or message standpoint, and then identify what’s missing. That’s often the springboard for developing a look and feel that will help the client stand out from the competition.”

Steve has worked for corporations, advertising agencies and media networks, as well as with internal and external design teams, so he understands the creative process from both sides of the table.

He’s created thousands of designs across all mediums for clients in a variety of industries. His favorite project has been rebranding a major media company. The collaboration was intense, but it was an experience he thoroughly enjoyed.

Throughout his design career, Steve has learned to see feedback as a constructive way to reach the best results. That frees him up to take risks with his designs. And that risk-taking mindset is what impresses his clients most.